First Baptist Church is a modest sized facility.  Once you arrive, you will immediately notice directional signs for guest and overflow parking locations and signage for entrance locations.  You can expect a warm welcome and friendly faces greeting you as soon as you get here. Someone will assist you in finding whatever you need, whether a children's classroom or the nursery or the worship center. We are here to serve.

what happens in the church service

The service will begin with an invitation to sing. The words are on the monitors up front. Often times, they are songs found in the song books under the seats. After we sing another song or two, the Pastor leads in a prayer, often mentioning a church or ministry he wants us to pray for. We then highlight a missionary of the week, tying it to our offering time. We pass an offering plate for those who are members and regular attenders. As a guest your presence is the only gift you need to give. The pastor preaches and concludes the service with prayer and often calls for a response to the message. The service lasts from 60-75 minutes.

We believe that First Baptist Deerpoint Lake is a place where we offer help and hope to anyone who is seeking.
— Mike Vosbrink, Pastor


We believe that First Baptist Church Deerpoint Lake is a place where we offer help and hope to anyone who is seeking. We live in a time where there is a great spiritual void in so many lives. We seek to fill that void with the love of Jesus Christ and the hope only He can offer. No matter where you are in your faith journey, we will assist you in providing the tools you need to have the life God truly intends for you to live. Specifics related to our beliefs are listed in the Baptist Faith and Message page.

What to wear

We don't have a dress code. We have a variety of styles worn here. Dress modestly and you'll be just fine (hey guys, no suits or ties required).